A Brief Nappy Glossary

A Brief Nappy Glossary

A Brief Nappy Glossary

The world of cloth nappies can be confusing at times! We encourage you to delve in as far as is comfortable for you. You don’t have to know it all to successfully use cloth. Below are some of the most used terminology and fabric information to get you started.  

MCN - Modern cloth nappy Different to the terry towels used on us and previous generations. MCN’s generally have a gusseted shell and inserts.

OSFM - One size fits most This differs hugely brand to brand and as babies come in all shapes and sizes what fits one won’t fit another. OSFM nappies have rise snaps and waist/hip snaps (or Velcro) to accommodate babies from newborns to toddlers.

Inserts - The material pieces that absorb and hold the wee and poo inside the nappy. Usually made of cotton, bamboo, hemp or microfibre.

PUL and TPU - The waterproof materials used in shells.

Stay-dry materials - Usually suedecloth, microsuede, microfleece or athletic wicking jersey (AWJ). Found in nappy shells and on top of inserts. Great for those sensitive to the wet.

AIO - All-in-One, nappies with sewn in inserts.

AI2 - All-in-Two, also called snap ins, inserts and the shell are separate and can be snapped together.

Pocket Nappy - Has a pocket in the shell for the inserts to go into, leaving a stay-dry layer between the inserts and baby.

Fitted Nappy - The entire nappy is absorbent and requires a waterproof cover.

Flats - The traditional nappies, one layer of cotton that requires folding and fastening with a Snappi

Prefolds - Similar to flats but sewn smaller with more layers for better absorption.