Washing Instructions

Here at Elephluff, we love the washing advice from Clean Cloth Nappies. Below is their recommended routine, further information can be found on their website or contact us directly for support with your routine. All hire bundles will have washing information supplied.

Wash Routine Basics

Remove soiling

  • Rinse poo nappies and pull out/detach inserts
  • Put in dry pail

Pre wash

  • Every 1-2 days (daily if dry pailing for 3+ days)
  • 40-60°C water temperature
  • ½ 'heavily soiled' dose of detergent
  • 30 minute cycle (60 minutes for night nappies)

Main wash

  • Every 2-3 days
  • 40-60°C water temperature
  • 'Heavily soiled' dose of detergent
  • 2+ hour cycle


  • Line, airer or dryer (low heat)


These recommendations should be adapted to consider your washing machine type and size, detergent choice, water hardness and individual user requirements.

Information source: Clean Cloth Nappies